Plant Daddy Bubbler Tube - 8in Top Ring - Red 1- Ring 3.5in opening- 16in Tube
Plant Daddy Bubbler Tube - 8in Top Ring - Red 1- Ring 3.5in opening- 16in Tube
Plant Daddy Bubbler Tube - 8in Top Ring - Red 1- Ring 3.5in opening- 16in Tube
Plant Daddy Bubbler Tube - 8in Top Ring - Red 1- Ring 3.5in opening- 16in Tube

Plant Daddy Bubbler Tube - 8in Top Ring - Red 1- Ring 3.5in opening- 16in Tube

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Complete Bubbler Set up

-Red color crib with a 8 in top ring and 1 red 3.5in lower ring.  Barrel of crib is approximately 6in tall. White Cartridge.  Crib is pre-plumbed with air hose and air stone  

-Glass 16in tall by 6in round bubbler tube with matching colored spacer ring epoxied to bottom of tube for light clearance.  (Irregularities like fish eyes, bubbles, and swirls are in every cylinder tube and are deemed acceptable)

-Air pump with fittings.  Keep bubbles running 24hrs

-6ft air hose

-Back flow valve.  Make sure this is installed in your air line in the correct air flow direction.  It prevents back siphoning in case of a power failure.  Important!  

-Disc light with timer and USB connection for lighting tube (set timer to run no more than 12hrs per day.  Roots need darkness for growth)


-Hanging Harness for Cleanings.  Harness has hooks that you attach to crib's cording on top ring.   Allows you to hang crib for easy cleanings.  

I have found that my bubblers do well in average to lower light settings.   Keeping your tube away from sun light will prolong your water clarity and help fight algae growth between water changes.  

Keeping plant food out of the tube is key to keeping water clean and algae free.  Once your tube is showing signs of needing a cleaning is when you want to administer plant food.  Once you add plant food your tube will fill with algae.  Let your unit run 4 or 5 days with food in tube to let the plant consume food.  Your plant only needs to be fed every month to maximum two months.  Use nothing but DISTILLED WATER in your bubbler system.   I feed my hydroponic plants our Jungle Juice plant food available on website.  

Due to plant consumption and evaporation, you will need to maintain your preferred water level tolerance by adding additional distilled water between cleanings as needed.

When it is time for your cleaning, disconnect the airline and unplug your disc light.  They do not make a quick disconnect for the airlines.  I usually disconnect my air line at one of the connections to the back flow valve.  Once you have disconnected the lines and light, hook the  2 hooks from the harness  onto the crib.  In each hook grab 2 cords on each side of the top ring of crib to balance and hang the crib out of your way until it comes time to clean the crib.   BE CAREFUL WHEN LIFTING CRIB OUT OF THE TUBE OR PUTTING THE CRIB BACK INTO TUBE.   THE AERATOR STONE CAN SWING AND HIT SIDE OF TUBE AND WILL CRACK THE TUBE. 

Use only mild soap or just water to clean crib.  Do NOT use any cleaning agents on crib if you are keeping a plant growing in the crib that will remain in the crib.  Do NOT take the plant out of crib if you want roots to grow through crib webbing.  Only remove plants if you are keeping them in the bubbler for propagating.   If so remove plants and clean their roots for shedding and debris.  Give plants a good rinse right before going back into the crib.  If you don't rinse the plants before placement you have a very good chance of loose debris messing up your clean water.   I have found loose roots and debris in system will almost disolve over time but clean water is our goal so make sure you rinse before placement.

If you want your plant to establish roots that will infiltrate the tube and create an amazing look of exposed roots dangling from the crib, then do not remove the plant you are growing in the tube.  If you are using your unit as a propagating vase for many plants, then you can remove plants to inspect roots and clean roots and debris as needed.   It is fine to use tap water to wash your plant and equipment.  Only use DISTILLED water when filling the tube.

BE CAREFUL HANDLING YOUR TUBE WITH WATER IN IT.  THE SLIGHTEST BUMP CAN SHATTER TUBE.   Dump out old water and you can use a light mixture of bleach and water to clean your tube just rinse thoroughly.   Algae I have found cleans off very easily with stiff bristled brush with no cleaning agent.   Make sure to scrub algae off aerator stone and hose with stiff bristled brush as well as any algae on crib or crib roping.  Once you have cleaned crib, make sure it gets a good rinsing before going back into the tube.

Check tube beauty ring to make sure no small rubber feet have fallen off.  If so replace them with the extra rubber feet provided.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  THE FEET PROVIDE STABILITY FOR THE TUBE.

Place light under your tube and fill the tube with DISTILLED water to about 6 inches from the top of the tube.  You will need to decide how high you want your water line to be based upon the plant and the root structure of the plant.  Some plants, like Philodendrons, do better if some of their roots are not submerged.   The bubbles bursting at the top of the water line do create a very nice mist that hydrates exposed roots above your water line.   Do not fill the tube to the top.   Filling the tube to anywhere near full will create a mist that will cover the table top it's sitting on.  You do not want this to happen. 

After you have filled your tube, carefully lower your rinsed crib with aerator into the water filled tube. Make sure you do not bump the side of the tube with aerator.  It can easily crack the tube.  Be careful of any plant roots also when replacing crib.  Once crib is in place you can now add any additional water if needed.

You are now ready to reconnect airline and plug light in.  

(Video of bubblers does not show this bubbler)

If you have any questions about this system, please reach out to us on our contact form for any questions.  These systems are amazing and I enjoy mine so much because of the easy care and crazy performance of my plants in this system.






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