Plant Daddy DIY Crib Kit - 6 Inch Outer Ring - 4 Inch Inner Rings - (3in opening)  $73.25 - 15% OFF! $62.25 DIY Base Kit - Fully Assembled (+$30.00 Fee)

Plant Daddy DIY Crib Kit - 6 Inch Outer Ring - 4 Inch Inner Rings - (3in opening) $73.25 - 15% OFF! $62.25 DIY Base Kit - Fully Assembled (+$30.00 Fee)

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6 inch outer ring works with: 

  -6 inch diameter glass cylinders (6in cylinders are available on site)

 -4 inch rounded inner rings (3 inch opening) - work well with all size glass cylinders.  10 inch, 8 inch, and 6 inch diameter glass cylinders all work well with the 3.5 inch inner rings.  Handles most plants coming out of 4 inch and some 6 inch grower pots that are being transitioned into Hydro Plants.   This is the smallest workable opening of any ring size.  Use with small rooted or thinner Hydro Plants.

1) -Select the color of your crib rings (*Green arrows in diagram)

-Crib rings are made of steel and powder coated for a long lasting finish.  Colors may vary lighter or darker then colors shown.  There may be small imperfections in powder coat finishes.

2) -Select the color of the 8 inch zip ties used for the assembly of the top outer and inner rings of your crib (*Blue arrows in diagram)

3) -Select the color of your crib Mesh Panels (4 - included) - 6 inch acrylic support rods (8 - included with Panels)  (*Gold arrows in diagram)

 - Mesh Panels are available in Clear/White, Black, Green, Yellow, and Blue.  Clear/White and Black panels stay true to color when submerged in water.  Green, Yellow, and Blue Mesh Panel colors appear slightly muted when submerged under water.

-Size of panels (4 - included) for 3.5 inch rings -  Approx. 1.50in x 5.785in - sizes vary slightly between colors

- (2) - 6 inch x 1/4 acrylic support rods per Mesh Panel included in Kit (8) - rods total

   -Mesh Panels are made using an extrusion process resulting in slight differences in panel height and width.  These differences will not cause an issue with the assembly of your crib.

4)  -Select the color of the 4 inch zip ties (150 included in kit) used for the assembly of the mesh panels to the acrylic support rods (included in kit) and attaching the upper and lower inner crib rings (*Red arrows in diagram)   

-4 inch inner rings require 116 of the 4 inch zip ties 

If you would like to add different color zip ties to create your own custom designs or patterns when assembling your crib, you can order additional 4 inch and 8 inch zip ties in multiple colors to achieve your design.   Count how many Mesh Panel squares your design requires per Mesh Panel then multiply by 4. 


Air pumps, cylinders, plant food, tools, and accessories are also sold on our website in Hydro Accessories.




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