Plant Daddy GRO KIT

Plant Daddy GRO KIT

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Included in this kit is everything I use on a daily basis for my HYDRO plants and soil.  It all arrives in a great storage container logo bucket. 

The bucket is a must for preparing plants for HYDRO.  It also safely stores all your plant gear with no fears of liquid spilling into your cabinet.  

Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food. This is my plant food.   I feed my HYDRO plants once a month.   Also good for soil plants as well (once a month).   Only mix with distilled water.   I use only distilled water for 3 weeks, changing it weekly.  On the fourth week, add one to two cups of premixed plant food to your plant container then add distilled water to complete your fill in necessary.

Plant Daddy Plant Food Quart Mixing Container.  This container allows you to mix the smallest portion of Jungle Juice Plant Food.  Works well when you are growing a few HYDRO plants and not much food is needed.  Use the left over (if any) plant food to treat your soil plants once a month.   This container is UV protected which keeps your mixed plant food fresh for up to 2 months.  THIS CONTAINER MUST BE STORED IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION IN BUCKET

Measuring Cup  allows you to measure one to two cups of plant food required for your HYDRO plant once a month. 

A Narrow Brush is a must to clean the plants roots that I am converting to a HYDRO plant.  Also is a big help cleaning your glass cylinders and HYDRO vessels.

Plant Snips are one of those things I thought "who really needs these?"  I DO!  I love my plant snips and consider them a must when working with plants and definitely a HYDRO plant.   They allow you to make detailed precision cuts to remove stems and root debris.  Only use for smaller detailed cuts and larger shears for thicker stems and dirty roots.  NEVER use your plant snips for cutting dirty roots.  This will severely dull the blades. 

Heavy Duty Shears are what you use to cut thicker stems and also for trimming your non washed plant roots when transitioning a plant.  Use these for the hard dirty work. Use your plant snips like a surgeon's scalpel for cutting stems and cleaned roots. 

A Moisture Meter is a must if you are growing your plants in soil.  The number one failure of plant growers is under or over watering their plants.   This takes out all the guess work.

Our Plant Daddy T-shirt is a made of a comfy tri-blend.  Wear your shirt working on your HYDROS and send me a pic!  You'll love this shirt.  It is very comfortable with unisex fit.  You will be prompted to select a size.  Shirts available in S, M, LG, XLG, 2XL

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