Plant Daddy
The "Art" of growing...

Our Retail Location, Plant Daddy, located at 2203 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, FL 32806 features Products!

We specialize in Hydroponic house plants! Stylish Plant Slings, Unique Grow Cribs, Bubbler Tubes, Pots, Hydro Balls, Accessories, Soil, And Containers. Our Unique Hydro Systems Allow You To Express Yourself Turning Your Plant Into An Original Living Masterpiece. We also offer fresh flowers and gift baskets!

Plant Daddy Plant Slings create the "Art" of growing.

Our unique Plant Slings offer a stylish way to display your stunning Tillandsia and Hydroponically growing plants. Hydroponic is the easiest way to grow house plants. Minimal maintainence,stunning appearance, and no pest issues. They are removing carbon dioxide from the air and creating oxygen for you to breath. Love on them! Stay tuned for Plant Daddy themed Plant Sling releases.

Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food Kit (Includes handy quart mixer.  Save $2.00 as a kit) kit! Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food FoxFarm Big Bloom Plant Food Plant Daddy Plant Food Quart Mixing Container PlantDaddy General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

If You Grow Dirty

Use Good Soils

These Are Great Organic Well Draining Soils For Your Green Family Members.

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One Of My Favorite Plants!

Tillandsia Plants Are So Simple Yet Look Like A High Maintenance Plant. Air Plants Like Rain and Tap Water. Mist Or Dip Twice Weekly And Grow In Avg To Bright Indirect Light.