Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food Kit (Includes handy quart mixer.  Save $2.00 as a kit) kit!

Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food Kit (Includes handy quart mixer. Save $2.00 as a kit) kit!

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This Plant Daddy Plant Food mixing container is so darn handy for HYDRO.  It allows me to mix small quantities of plant food.  This is great for feeding a few HYDRO plants one to two cups each once per month.    One lid flap has a large opening to add plant food to your quart of distilled water and the other flap exposes an easy to use pour spout opening for easy pouring.If you have soil plants you can also give them a treat once per month by using up any left over plant food.   This container is great because it is UV protected.  Plant Daddy Jungle Juice has indefinite shelf life in the bottle.   Once mixed, the product has a two month shelf life if kept out of light in a dark place.   If you store left over plant food in the mixing container make sure it is stored in an upright position in a safe place.  This container will leak if knocked over!  It is not water tight when laying on its side. 


Plant Daddy Jungle Juice Plant Food is a great plant food for hydroponic, semi hydroponic(LECA or Hydroballs), and soil plants.  It will make your plants so happy they will want to Party!  Says right on the label "For the plants that wanna party!".    When mixed to the directions, this 4oz bottle will make approximately 24 gallons of plant food. 

You can cut the recipe in half, or a quarter, to help mix only the amount of plant food you will use in a 4 - 6 week period.  Our plant food has indefinite shelf life in the bottle.  When mixed protect your prepared plant food from light when stored.  Store in dark cupboard or anywhere out of light.  

Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic plants do not require a lot of plant food to keep them happy, healthy, and growing.  Start out using only about one cup of premixed plant food per month to your hydroponic plant's water.  Over feeding will cause the plant to burn or stunt the growth of the plant.  Hydro plants enjoy water (use distilled water only for hydroponic plants) and need a good supply of just water.  I only administer plant food once per month.  You should empty and clean your container holding your hydro plant once per week.   I do 3 weeks pure distilled water in my hydros and the 4th week I add one cup of premixed plant food.    Then repeat.   Jungle Juice works great in my Hydro plants and does not cloud my water.

Soil Plants

Only mix an amount of plant food that you will use in a 4-6 week period.   Plant food has an indefinite shelf life in the bottle.   Store mixed plant food in a dark cupboard or anywhere out of light.   When watering soil plants, start out by only watering your plant with plant food every other watering.  Stop after a few waterings and make sure your plant is not burning and enjoying the plant food.   Be careful not to over feed a plant that is happy and healthy.  The plants usually come from the growers with slow release fertilizers in the soil.  You want to make sure you do not over feed your plants.   Less is better!  Plants burn easily if over fed.


I recommend mixing your plant food 1/2 strength to avoid burning your plant.  Try to only feed your Hydro plant once every 6 weeks to reduce algae and only allow the plant to remain in the plant food for 5 -7 days.

MIX ONLY WITH DISTILLED WATER    - gallon of distilled water

.50ml - 1/2gallon of distilled water

.25ml - quart of distilled water (Use Plant Daddy Plant Food Mixing Container)




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